LeBebé at Fuorisalone 2018-FREE YOUR INNER CHILD

LeBebé at Fuorisalone 2018-FREE YOUR INNER CHILD

After enjoying great success at last year's Fuorisalone 2017 with the preview of the new leBebé nurseries by Baby Expert, a creative interior store design project by designer Alessandra Baldereschi, leBebè returns with its event "FREE YOUR INNER CHILD".

From 17-22 April between 9am-9pm in Piazza San Simpliciano, only a stone's throw away from the leBebé store at 22 Corso Garibaldi, a special installation will invite visitors into the magical world of leBebé. A setting, composed by a backdrop depicting the Milan sky set behind a reproduction of the skyline, will welcome anyone wishing to take part by capturing the special moment in a timeless photo as a reminder of Design Week.

The reproduction of the sky, dotted with real coloured balloons, will give the impression of floating, hovering in the air above the city roofs and letting the imagination fly.

"FREE YOUR INNER CHILD" offers a special message, a way of life everyone can identify with, regardless of their age. Everyday life often puts us to the test and forces us to assume serious and composed attitudes: this is in fact a message of freedom to be able to enjoy being photographed without inhibitions, with the spontaneity of a child, giving free rein to the imagination.

The choice of balloons was not accidental, they refer to designer Alessandra Baldereschi's lamps located inside the store, which reproduce delicate coloured balloon-shaped spheres mounted on an elegant rose-coloured copper structure and hung from the ceiling. Their shape draws inspiration from children’s parties, brimming with happiness and joy. Each glass sphere is equipped with a copper bow which represents the knot closure of the balloon. Characterized by pastel shades such as powder pink, turquoise and light blue and installed in pairs throughout the store, these precious lamps illuminate the environment like

jewels. These innovatively designed objects along with all the other store features illustrate the brand's identity and its precious origin through a visual story.

The installation was conceived by Chiara Montanaro, leBebé Image Director, in design partnership with Danilo Marchio, leBebé Visual Director, and the company's internal agency. The project was also supported by the architect Andrea Gregori, who carried out the practical implementation.


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