Warranty and Support

Lucebianca guarantees all products against manufacturing defects up to 24 months from the purchase date shown by suitable proof of purchase. Defects must be verified by our experts at the Product Support Workshop. We recommend first contacting the point of sales where the purchase was made and/or going to any authorized dealer, who will deliver the item to us. The warranty excludes all jewellery that has previously been worked on by unauthorized workshops. Such jewellery cannot be restored and/or further handled by our workshops, even for a fee.
We remind you that the warranty does not cover any damage caused by inappropriate use of the product, such as having been struck, even accidentally, scraped, dropped or crushed.
All imperfections due to normal use of the jewellery that inevitably cause wear and tear shall not be considered manufacturing defects.  Over time, jewellery becomes corroded by exposure to weather, the acidity of the skin, cosmetics, perfumes, chemicals, etc. that dull the surface of jewellery in gold, platinum and silver.
Oxidation is also common in metals; it tends to darken jewellery, which should therefore be stored in the proper manner, in its own case, if possible, in a sachet that delays oxidation, away from sources of heat and avoiding excessive fluctuations in temperature. The speed of this phenomenon also depends on the users' habits and the acidity of their skin. Cleaning with warm water and mild soap or the use of a cloth made specifically for polishing should restore the jewellery's natural lustre. Should this not suffice, we recommend that you contact your jeweller for a periodic professional cleaning of your jewellery, which is always a good idea to plan for in any case.

Our Customer Service at servizio.clienti@lucebianca.it will be happy to provide you with all our recommendations.

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